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Top 10 Wine Tips for Beginners

  • 3 min read

Just getting started on your wine collecting journey? Or Perhaps you're hosting a dinner party and want to sound like a pro when it comes to wine-drinking. We got you! Below are our Top 10 Wine Tips for Beginners

1. Be Open-Minded

Being an experienced wine drinker is trying out different wine types, flavours and regions. After all, there is a whole world to explore when it comes to wine, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not experimenting with various wines. 

Don’t shy away from new wines, as well as boutique wines. Trying out wine outside of your usual run-of-mill brands can be highly rewarding and even lead to relationships with independent producers. 

By doing this, your wine-tasting experience will only get better and better!

2. Consider Doing a Wine Drinking Course

Coming off of our previous tip, consider doing a wine-drinking course. They’re a great way to learn about wine socially. Whether you go with friends or make new friends in the process, we guarantee you won’t regret attending a wine-drinking course.

3. Learn Wine Terminology and Wine Descriptions

Part of the experience of drinking wine is understanding the flavours and aromas of each glass you drink. What do wine connoisseurs mean when they describe wine as ‘spicy’ or ‘fruity?’ By understanding these terms, you get a better understanding of each bottle of wine’s appeal, as well as knowing what to look for. They also make you sound like a pro when drinking socially!

4. Invest in Good Stemware

Using decent stemware elevates the experience of drinking wine (and not to mention makes it feel that much fancier). We recommend getting wine glasses with medium-sized bowls to have versatile glassware for all occasions. 

Fun fact: wine glasses can actually affect the taste of wine. Investing in quality crystal helps capture the delicate flavours and aromas of the wine itself. 

5. Keep Good Wine for Special Occasions

Always having a classy bottle of wine on hand not only makes the experience more rewarding, but it’s also just convenient. Have a few friends coming over for a dinner party? Why panic last minute, when you have some ready to go on your wine rack?

6. Own All The Wine Accessories 

Whether you’re a super-fan or just a casual wine drinker, investing in wine accessory essentials is a must. They make the experience smoother and avoid awkward situations (such as being unable to open a bottle). From bottle openers to wine stoppers, having a few essentials will be a life-saver. We recommendWine Bottle Gift Sets.

7. Learn How to Hold a Wine Glass

We’ve all been there: attending a dinner or party and being handed a glass of champagne or red wine, but having no idea how to hold it. But don’t fret - once you get the basics of holding and tasting wine, you can say bye to awkward social hiccups. Check out our guide forThe Correct Way to Hold a Wine Glass Here.

8. Ask for Recommendations By Clerks at Wine Stores

Clerks at wine stores or bottle shops will always have above-average knowledge of wine. Do you want to buy something delicious but don’t want to break your bank account? They got you. Want something tasty but fruity and fun that even non-wine drinkers might like? Bam, they’ll have the perfect bottle for you. 

9. Store Your Wine the Right Way

It’s one thing to invest in some quality wine, but that means nothing if it’s not stored properly! Wine can quickly spoil if not stored under the right conditions. First, make sure to invest in some reliable wine racks. It should be stored somewhere dark, cool and vibration-free. To find out more, check out our blog here.

10. Know Your Wine Preferences

At the end of the day, everyone will have different preferences when it comes to wine. This is why we say to try as many types as you can. It won’t be long until you find a wine that you can’t get enough of. When you do, make sure to take note of what makes them special, including their brand, year and region. 

For all your wine storage needs, check out Wine Racks Online Store Today. 

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