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10 Fascinating Wine Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  • 3 min read

We think even the most well-versed wine fans will be surprised by some of these wine facts. How many do you know? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Grapes are the Most Planted Fruit Crop In the World

With 9,000 square miles (about 75,000 square km) of space used for crops, grapes are the most planted fruit crop in the world. Each year, these crops produce a whopping 150 trillion pounds (68 trillion kg) of grapes. 

2. Cabernet Sauvignon is the Most Popular Wine in the World

Perhaps it’s no surprise, but Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular wine in the world. It is also the most widely planted wine grape varietal, with around 713,000 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon planted.

3. Wine is One of the Most Guilt-Free Alcoholic Beverages

We’ve all held back on alcohol to give our waistlines a break, but did you know that wine is almost guilt-free? Wine contains no fat or cholesterol, and if you’re really set on avoiding carbs, dry wines (such as Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon) are much lower in carbs and calories than sweet wines. Of course, everything in moderation!

4. Some People Have a Phobia of Wine

It sounds made up, but there is a fear of wine called oenophobia. Apparently, it can bring about paralysing fear and even irrational behaviour. But don’t worry, if you’re reading our blogs, it’s safe to say you don’t have this fear!

5. Women Metabolise Alcohol Differently to Men

Women metabolise alcohol quicker than men, thanks to a different physiological makeup of their stomach linings. Men and women break down alcohol through enzymes in their stomachs, with women generally having fewer enzymes. This makes them more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than men. 

6. There are 10,000 varieties of wine grapes in the world

With so many varieties of wine in the world, there’s no surprise that wine grape varieties reach 10,000 or more. Even wine connoisseurs will struggle to taste even a fraction of these!

7. The Meaning of ‘Aroma’

Aroma is a term used for the fragrance or smell of young wine. ‘Mellow’ is used for the fragrance of old wine.

8. One of the Oldest Wine Cellars Sits at the Bottle of the Ocean

When the Titanic sank, so did its vast wine cellar, where, to this day, many bottles remain intact. For those daring enough to go looking for these bottles of wine, they’re around 13,000 feet (or almost 4 kilometres)! Safe to say, most of these bottles will remain on the ocean floor, untouched. 

9. The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Ever Sold Was for $558, 000

During Sotheby’s auction in 2018, a 73 old bottle of burgundy sold for a whopping $558,000. This expensive bottle of French wine was a 1945 Domaine Romanee-Conti Burgundy, containing 750 ml of wine. Not long after, another bottle of wine sold for $496,000 at the same auction, with both bottles coming from the Burgundy winemaker Robert Drouhin. 

10. China is the Leading Market for Red Wine

Although ranking at number 5 for largest wine-producing countries in the world, China is the largest market for red wines. ‘Why?’ you make ask? Well, on top of enjoying the flavour of red wine, the colour red is also considered lucky in Chinese culture and is even favoured by the Chinese government. 

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