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Wine Fridges

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When it comes to buying a wine fridge, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right solution for your home and alcohol collection. When deciding on what is most important to you in storing your wine, the team at Wine Stash can help you prioritise the elements that matter most before helping you choose an integrated wine fridge design that will fit seamlessly into your home. It will also provide you with a stylish storage solution that ensures you’ll always have a drop on hand at the perfect serving temperature. 

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of aged reds or serve up a perfectly chilled Chardonnay when entertaining, our collection of wine cooler fridges will keep your bottles at the perfect temperature and ready for you to enjoy. 

A wine fridge that will keep your wine fresher for longer

Because both heat and natural light are damaging to wine, it’s important to store your collection properly to get the most out of it. Both red and white varieties need a cooler and consistent temperature to last as long as they possibly can. 

With a wine fridge, Australian summers and major fluctuations in temperature throughout the year won’t pose a risk to your collection, allowing you to store and enjoy your wines for years to come. Our sleekly designed wine fridges come with their own built-in ambient light that allows for easy viewing but won’t damage the quality of your wine with harsh and harmful light. 

Wine Stash – quality wine cooler fridges and so much more  

At Wine Stash, we’re as passionate about storing good wine as we are about drinking it. From attractive wine cabinets to creating bespoke wine cellars, our team can help you design the cellar storage of your dreams that compromises in neither form nor function. 


How long can you store wine in a wine fridge?

The benefit of having a dedicated wine fridge is that you can ensure a regulated and appropriate temperature for the storage of your wine collection. Unlike regular fridges that are used daily and can experience fluctuations in temperature when opened, a wine fridge maintains static conditions. Under consistent and temperate conditions, you can enjoy your white wines for 8 to 10 years and red for up to 30 years.

What’s the best way to clean a wine fridge?

Harsh chemicals and strongly scented products aren’t appropriate for use in a wine fridge as they can affect the integrity of your stored wines. To maintain the necessary humidity to avoid over-drying corks, it is recommended that once a year, you empty your wine fridge completely and gently wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and some warm water. This will help to clear away any build-up of dust, straw, styrofoam and other small debris that may clog your wine fridge’s function. If you are concerned about mould build-up, wipe down surfaces with a solution of warm water and white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda. 

At what temperature should my wine fridge be set at?

For red wine, it is recommended that you set your wine cooler fridge to around 12ºC to 14ºC for the best storage over time. Again, the key to maintaining wine is to maintain a consistent temperature, so avoid too many fluctuations in the setting of your fridge. If you do have white wines you’d also like to store, you may want to invest in a dual-zone refrigerator which can accommodate a different setting of no more than 12ºC — this is better suited for the storage of white wines. 

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