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Engraved Wine Racks

Express Mother's Day in your own words with our range of custom engraved wine racks from Wine Stash. Available in a range of colours and your choice of engraving. Delivered assembled, Australia Wide starting at $49.99.

Stemless Copper Glasses

Stuck for Ideas for Mum this Mother's Day. Browse the range of Wine Stash gift Ideas below. Including this handmade copper wine glass from Cellar V!

Imagine hosting your next dinner party and serving your Margaritas in one of these, or maybe you’re more a rosé kind of gal. Whatever your tipple, our hammered copper stemless glasses will catapult you to hostess queen. Handmade by skilled artisans, our boutique copper drinkware (and it is made from 100% copper) is guaranteed to dazzle even your toughest of guests.

Whisky Chilling Stones

The solid round stones cool your drinks without the dilution effect found from traditional melting ice which alters the true taste of spirits. These beautiful natural stones create a smooth and leisurely drinking experience. Available as a pack of 6 Whiskey Stones, or as a Gift Set.

Most whiskey stones on the market are soap or basalt stones. However, these premium whiskey stones are made from handcrafted granite. We polish high quality granite to shape this unique and beautiful piece of rock. Crafted by hand with love for the whiskey connoisseur.

Whisky Chilling Stones

Rose Gold Bottle Stoppers

Beautiful, dazzling pineapple rose gold bottle stopper not only keeps your wine drinkable for longer but looks fabulous while doing it! 

Our seahorse & pineapple rose gold bottle stoppers are beautifully presented in a stylish black box and makes a perfect, easy gift on it’s own or with a bottle of wine.

Kabi Bottle

Revolutionise the way you drink and stay hydrated while leading the way for socially conscious business.

The Kabi Range of drink bottles and accessories are both functional and fashionable. 

Spill-proof Sippy Cups

Ever felt like a sneaky wine on the go, but just can't work out what to put it in? Not only does this clever little vessel actually look somewhat like a wine glass, it'll also keep bugs and debris out of it with its removable lid. The lid also has a closable opening much the same as a portable coffee cup. Starting at $14.95 and available online now.

Pink & Purple Wine Racks

Store, Age and Display your wine professionally our beautiful, dazzling timber wine racks from Wine Stash. Be whisked away with the stunning design made from 100% sustainably sourced timber and hand assembled in Sydney, Australia.


Delivered fully assembled to your door Offering ample storage for the vino collection.

  • This Wine Rack from Wine Stash has been engineered to store your wine just off horizontal. Ensuring,
    • The Cork will stay in partial contact with the wine, helping it remain moist, and not dry out - Meaning your wine will last longer!
    • Entrapped air, formed by the wine’s ullage will remain on top of the bottle, allowing for a slower and more gradual maturation and oxidation process - Helping to preserve your wines complexity & character!
  • Delivered fully assembled, this wine rack requires no assembly at all. Simply unpack to enjoy years of professional wine storage in style with the Dazzle Collection from Wine Stash. The fully assembled measurements of this wine rack are:
    • 9 Bottle Wine Rack (3X2 Bottles)
      • Length: 325mm
      • Width: 235mm
      • Height: 230mm
    • 12 Bottle Wine Rack (3X3 Bottles)
      • Length: 325mm
      • Width: 235mm
      • Height: 325mm
    • 20 Bottle Wine Rack (4X4 Bottles)
      • Length: 420mm
      • Width: 235mm
      • Height: 420mm


    These wine racks are extremely modular and additional layers can be easily added as your wine collection grows.

  • Wine Stash is a 100% Australian owned company.  Did you know:
    • This Wine Rack is made from 100% sustainably sourced New Zealand Timber.
    • Everything from design to manufacturing to delivery is 100% Carbon Neutral.
    • In addition Wine Stash will plant a tree on your behalf for every wine rack sold at Help us reach our target of planting 1 Million trees throughout Australia in 2021.


Wine Scented Candles

These beautiful wine scented candles are hand-poured in Australia with 100% natural soy wax. Choose from 2 heavenly scents; Strawberries and Champagne or Spiced Shiraz; with vanilla, cloves and sandalwood.

Wine Scented Candle at Wine Stash

Digital Gift Cards

Still can't decide? Give Mum the gift of choice with a digital gift card. Available in a range of denominations and can be easily printed or forwarded to the recipient. No expiry date or shipping charges for peace of mind.

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