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Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. Our Wine Cellars can be built into any shape and size. Available with a range of colour options and accessories to create the wine cellar you've always dreamed of.

Design & Carpentry Services

Built from the ground up to highlight your favourite reds for generations.

Designed around your constraints and space availabilities.

Glass Panels & UV Tinting

UV Light can have detrimental impacts on your wine over extended periods of time. Wine Stash has contracts with 3M and leading glass installers around Australia to protect your wine investments.

Cellar Insulations

Insulation is a great addition to any cellar helping to achieve the ideal wine cellar conditions. Helping regulate both temperature and humidity for your wine cellar.

Temperature & Humidity Control

Professional Wine Cellars require constant temperature and humidity control to ensure efficient long term wine storage. Reach out to the Wine Stash team for a quote on a range of cellar refrigeration units.

Delivery & Installation Services

Wine Stash is able to personally manage the delivery & installation of your Wine System. Please enquire for a quote with the team below.

Wine Stash Delivery & Installation Services

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