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Wine Cabinets

We know Australians love a good drop. From our appreciation of global wines to the powerhouse producing regions of the Barossa, the Hunter Valley and Margaret River right here in our own backyard, Aussies have a reputation for making and enjoying some of the best wine in the world. At Wine Stash, we want to support that passion with wine cabinets designed for Australian homes and our tricky climate.

Discover wine rack cabinets and furniture for Australian climates

While you may not have the room or the budget for a full walk-in wine cellar, Wine Stash offers plenty of wine storage cabinets and other solutions to help you display your wine in a way that considers both form and function. With freestanding temperature-controlled designs that will work in living spaces or a dedicated cellar, we make it simple to age and store your wine, even in the harsh Australian summer. For lovers of both red and white varietals, our dual temperature zone insulation models allow you to create the perfect ambient temperature for the safe storage of your best wines. 

Appreciate your wine and craft the perfect storage for your collection with our wine cabinets that make for the perfect conversation pieces, such as functional yet striking iron wine barrel storage units or contemporary and industrial design wood wine cabinets. With our premium quality modular wine storage cabinets, you can build out as your collection grows.

Wine Stash — for lovers of good wine 

When it comes to storing and preserving your wine collection, the team at Wine Stash is as passionate as you are about housing your bottles in the perfect atmosphere that combines innovation with pleasing designs. For those wanting to create the cellar of their dreams, our bespoke wine cellars offer the opportunity to execute your unique vision for a space, storing your wine and liquor in a sustainable and considered way that will suit your home. And for anyone who loves to entertain and serve up perfectly chilled champagne and wine, our wine fridges are a must. 

No matter what the perfect custom wine storage looks like to you, turn your dreams into a reality with quality furniture and expert advice from the team at Wine Stash. 


What does a wine cabinet do?

A wine rack cabinet allows you to store your wine in a cool environment to preserve its flavour and integrity while also providing an attractive storage feature to give your home character. If you’d prefer to make your wine collection an easily accessible feature of your living space rather than banishing the bottles to your basement, a wine storage cabinet is the perfect solution.

How do you store wine in a cabinet?

The beauty of a wine cabinet is that it makes safe storage of your wine bottles a simple task while elegantly laying out your collection no matter where you choose to display it. Our wine rack cabinets store wine bottles horizontally, which prevents the cork from drying out and therefore risking oxidation — this is especially important when ageing bottles for periods of years. Horizontal storage also allows you to see any sediment build up and easily read the labels of each wine bottle. 

Why should l use a wine cabinet?

If you’re a wine lover with a collection of delicious drops from your favourite wineries all over the world, properly storing and protecting your investment is a no-brainer. By using a wine storage cabinet, you can control the conditions your wine is kept in, ensuring it lasts for longer and won’t be damaged in the bottle before you can pop the cork and enjoy a glass. Especially if you’re choosing to age certain wines to get the most out of their unique flavour profile, a wine cabinet is essential.

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