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What is a Wine Cooler?

  • 3 min read

Wine Coolers - you’ve heard of them, but chances are, your understanding of what they are is a little hazy. Don’t fret! We’re here to tell you all about them and why a wine cooler is the perfect appliance for any wine lover. Even if you already own an impressive set of Premium Wine Racks, you won’t want to miss out on the benefits of a Wine Cooler. 

Definition of a Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

The term ‘wine cooler’ has different meanings. In a bar setting, it could refer to a delicious beverage that involves wine and fruit juice. It can also mean a bucket of ice to keep a wine bottle cool - check out Wine Stash’s Leather & Marble Ice Buckets here

But we’re here to talk about the third kind: Wine Coolers are a type of appliance to keep wine bottles cool and have also been called Wine Refrigerators and Wine Cabinets, depending on their capabilities. Unlike your average fridge, wine coolers are built specifically to store wine. They are a popular appliance in homes, restaurants and cafes and come with several fantastic features including: 

  • Temperature Control

Wine Coolers have temperature control, allowing you to provide the right temperature for storing or even aging wine. The optimal temperature for this is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Wine Refrigerators not only provide the perfect temperature, but they also keep the wine’s temperatureconsistentwhich is just as important. 

  • Single or Dual Control 

Wine Coolers will have either single or dual temperature controls. This means the ability to have 2 areas in your fridge having separate temperatures. This is extremely handy when you are storing different types of wine or alcohol whose ideal temperature may vary. 

  • Light Control

Wine Fridges let you control the light conditions for your wine. You don’t have to worry about light changes from the sun negatively affecting your wine. Your wine must be stored in dim light, and Wine Coolers give you the freedom to control their light based on your preferences or specifications. 

  • Adjustable Wine Shelves

You know Wine Coolers are made for wine lovers because they have adjustable shelves which help you show off your collection to your friends. Wine Coolers keep your wine under the best conditions while providing a stylish way to present them. Many wine fridges or wine cabinets have glass doors, so you can easily see your dream collection at a glance. 

  • Humidity Control

Every seasoned wine collector knows that wine thrives under fairly high levels of humidity (70% humidity is a good level to aim for). Wine Coolers can help keep your wine humid so that your wine ages well without being vulnerable to the elements. 

Where to Put a Wine Cooler

Because Wine Coolers protect wine from outside changes of light and temperature, a Wine Cooler can be put in many places in your home or restaurant. Thanks to their sleek and modern design, wine coolers are an impressive feature for any room. Popular places to put a Wine Fridge include:

  • The Kitchen
  • The Dining Room
  • The Cellar
  • The Countertop
  • The Wine Room
  • The Wine Bar

Where to Find High-Quality Wine Coolers

Whether you’re looking for long-term storage to age your wine, or you want a savvy and convenient way to keep your wine cool, a Wine Cooler is perfect for any wine connoisseur. Wine Stash has a fantastic range of Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets. Whether it’s the 46 Bottle Dual Zone Integrated Wine Storage Cabinet or the 168 Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet, we have a fantastic range for every wine collector.

Start your dream collection today and browse our online store for all your wine storage solutions. 

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