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The Correct Way To Holding A Wine Glass

  • 3 min read

Drinking wine is an intrinsic part of society across the globe. So naturally, learning how to hold a wine glass not only lets you keep up with social etiquette, but ensures you don’t embarrass yourself at your next social gathering. Holding the glass well gives off a sense of confidence about drinking wine. But, is there really a correct way to hold a wine glass? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about how to hold a wine glass so that you can drink with confidence at your next dinner party. 

Is There a Correct Way to Hold a Wine Glass?

The short answer to this question is, yes - there is a correct way to hold your wine glass. With that said, there is no one correct way to do this - there are several perfectly acceptable ways to hold your drink that will apply to any occasion. 

How to Hold a Wine Glass?

Assuming your wine glass has a stem, there are a few popular ways to hold it. Whether you are drinking with wine connoisseurs, or simply enjoying a shiraz with some friends, each of these will work:

  • Holding the stem of the wine glass between the thumb and first two fingers, with the remaining fingers below it, near the foot of the glass. 
  • Pinch the stem between your thumb and index finger, with the remaining fingers loosely curling into your palm to make a loose fist.
  • Holding the stem of the glass between your thumb, index finger and middle finger with the remaining fingers sitting beneath the base of the wine glass, supporting your drink.
  • Hold the stem of the wine glass between your thumb and index finger, with the remaining fingers sitting beneath the base, support your drink like above.
  • Hold the base of the glass with your thumb, and remaining fingers below the bass. This is socially acceptable, but also the least stable

Why You Hold a Wine Glass at the Stem

Like the handle of a beer glass, the stem of a wine glass lets you hold your drink without smudging the glass or leaving fingerprints, as well as transferring heat onto it. After all, wine generally should be kept cool for as long as possible. So, yes - there is a correct way to hold a wine glass. Holding the stem also simply makes it easier to hold your drink more securely, as well as swirl it. 

How You Should Not Hold a Wine Glass

Sure, there are a few ways you can go about holding your wine glass, but there are certain ways that are considered social taboos. An example of this is holding the bowl between your fingers. Holding it this way means you’re likely to leave smudges on the glass, as well as transfer heat onto the drink, which is much more noticeable with drinks such as white wine and champagne which taste best when chilled. Holding it this way looks less elegant and less flexible. 

Another generally taboo way to hold a wine glass is by wrapping all your fingers around the stem, creating a fist in your hand. 

How to Store Wine Glasses

wine glass rack

Wine glasses are highly delicate and so should be stored with care. We have a blog about that  which you can read here, including whether you should store them upright or upside down. 

At Wine Stash, we have a range of wine glass storage solutions that are perfect for every wine lover. Browse our store today to find the perfect wine glass storage for you.  

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