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The 5 Types of Wine Storage Wine Collectors Need to Know

  • 2 min read

Any wine lover knows that storing wine requires a lot of care. This is because wine needs to be kept in the right conditions. The wrong humidity, temperature or even exposure to vibrations can ruin your wine fairly quickly (check out are guide to storing wine here)

With that said, you might find that some times of wine storage are more suitable to you than others.

Below, we will look at the different types of wine storage and help you decide which is best for you.

Wine Racks 

We consider wine racks the most important type of wine storage because they are the most flexible. Whether you have a wine cellar or wine room, you’ll likely be using wine racks to store your wine anyway!

Reliable wine racks like those which Wine Stash provides can be built to your specifications and store anywhere from one bottle to thousands.

Wine racks are also used to keep your wine free from vibrations thanks to sturdy materials like Australian timber or steel and are among the most popular and affordable ways to store and age wine. 

If you are really serious about storing your wine, you can even install a Wine Conditioning System.

Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinets are an aesthetically pleasing and solid choice for long-term wine storage. Although they tend to have a higher price tag, they make up for it through effective protection from the elements and by doubling as stylish interior furniture. 

They can also be upgraded every few years and you don’t need to worry as much about the conditions of a room since the wine is boxed in.

Wine Fridge

Wine fridges are among the most effective ways to keep your wine stored under perfect conditions. Unlike a regular fridge, they allow you to choose the right temperature for wine. 

Wine Fridges are great for long-term storage and aging wine. Best of all, you don’t need to ever worry about your wine being ruined by the elements. 

With that said, wine fridges come with a higher price tag, especially if you plan to refrigerate large collections. They also don’t have the flexibility that comes with wine racks. 

Wine Cellar 

The OG of wine storage, wine cellars have been used for thousands of years - and with good reason. A wine cellar naturally provides the right conditions for wine storage. They are cool, dark, humid and away from vibrations. 

They require you to have a lot more space than, for example, a wine fridge and so aren't always an option.

Wine Room 

Between a wine cabinet and a wine cellar is a wine room. These can be anywhere as big as a walk-in closet to a dedicated room in a house. They’re a popular and effective wine storage choice for modern wine lovers.

After making your measurements, you can implement a whole range of custom Wine Racks to store your wine.  


Investing in reliable wine racks means storing your wine the right way. Check out Wine Stash’s online store to collect wine with confidence. 

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