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How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Cork?

  • 3 min read

You’re at a party, everything is going great, and all of a sudden you’ve been chosen to open a new bottle of wine with a cork in it. While all eyes are on you, you realise, you’ve never actually learned how to uncork a bottle of wine the right way. 

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!

Sure, popping a cork from a wine bottle might seem confusing or difficult at first, but once you have the technique down pat, it’s a no-brainer. 

To help you avoid some awkward social mishaps, we’ve set out all you need to know about opening a wine bottle that is corked. 

How to Remove the Cork from a Wine Bottle with a Basic Corkscrew

Although not as easy as other types of corkscrews, the basic corkscrew is the original and simplest way of removing a cork. Simply, insert the screw into the cork and twist in a clockwise motion until it is fully inserted. Using the two arms of the device for grip, pull the cork in a vertical motion.  

How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Winged Corkscrew

One of the most effective and popular methods to open a corked wine bottle is with a winged corkscrew. Also known as a twin lever corkscrew or an angel corkscrew, this tool has two levers (or arms) on either side to assist in removing a cork. 

Start by removing the foil at the top of the wine bottle. Next, push the end of the screw into the cork. The arms of the cork will start folded down to the side. Drive the screw clockwise while holding the base in place. The ‘wings’ will slowly be raised the further you drill into the cork.  

Once the arms are folded upwards, slowly pull them back down to remove the cork. 

How to Open Wine with a Wine Key

This handy device is also known as a waiter’s corkscrew. First, remove the foil at the top of the bottle. You can use the sommelier’s knife attached to the wine key. Next, Insert the screw into the top of the cork, then turn in a clockwise motion until it is fully inserted into the cork. Place the smaller of the metal notches onto the lip of the wine bottle.This will be used to assist you as you pull the other notch upwards to remove the cork.

It helps to use one hand to hold the wine bottle and the other notch in place for stabilisation. If you find little bits of cork breakaway, remember to remove them to stop them from falling into your wine bottle. 

How to Open Sparkling Wine or Champagne 

Popping a champagne bottle can be a little scary - especially if it’s your first time. That’s also part of the charm. With that said, if you’re not careful, popping a bottle of sparkling wine can lead to a black eye - or worse.

The number one rule to popping a champagne bottle is to make sure it is facing away from everyone (including yourself), as well as anything valuable, such as expensive vases or glassware.

With the top of the bottle facing away from yourself, remove the foil around the cork. Next, remove the metal cage by placing your thumb over the cork and twisting the cage off.

Next, hold the base of the bottle against your body to keep it steady and cover the cork with the palm of your hand. From here, you can slowly twist the base of the bottle, gently pulling the cork as it loosens up. As you pull the cork off, hold the bottle and cork tightly to ensure the cork doesn’t go flying.

As long as you take your time and keep the bottle steady, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

What Tools You Need to Open and Serve Wine

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