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How to Choose the Perfect Wine Rack

  • 3 min read

Choosing a wine rack is always exciting. They’re the perfect mix of functionality and art. They also make your room that little bit more classy - and who can say they don’t want that? 

But the truth is: the perfect wine rack will differ for every person, every business and location. Some people will want one to show off to their friends on Friday nights. The more astute collector may want a rack to store their wine for years to come.  

You get the point. Luckily, wine racks can come in many shapes and sizes.

Keep reading on to find how to choose the wine rack that’s the perfect fit for you.

How Many Bottles Will Your Wine Rack Need to Fit?

Your wine rack of choice will depend on the capacity you need. Are you a casual collector who needs only up to 20 bottles at a time? Or perhaps you like a bit of choice and want to be able to store over 100. With that in mind, modular wine racks are a good choice if you want to start small but have the potential to keep growing your collection over time.

For large collections of 100 plus bottles, perhaps consider a classic style Wine Rack?

What Is Your Budget?

How many times have you found the perfect product, only to have your jaw drop after seeing the price? Luckily, wine racks can have exquisite designs at an affordable price. If you know you where to look. 

If you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars for a luxury look, we recommend wine cubes or even bespoke designs

Wine Cube

Where Will Your Store Your Wine Collection?

Where you plan on putting your collection, as well as how much space you have, will affect your wine rack design. Will your collection go in a home wine cellar, a living room, in a restaurant? 

One stylish space-saving idea is getting  wall mounted wine racks. You can hang these in your dining room, lounge-room or anywhere where’s you have a little space to set aside. You probably won’t be able to store many bottles at once, so wall wine racks are perfect for the casual wine drinker. 

Do You Want a Ready-Made or Bespoke Wine Rack?

If you’re like many wine collectors, you want that extra it-factor with your wine rack. If that’s the case, a bespoke design means you can get a wine rack that suits your every need. Naturally, this requires a larger budget than usual. 

Many business owners order bespoke wine racks to fit with their interior design. Oh, and anyone who loves their wine as much as we do at Wine Stash!

What Style Suits You Best?

At the end of the day, the perfect wine rack is largely a matter of taste. The styles are endless, from wooden wine racks with a natural finish, or even you want something a little more moody, perhaps try a black mahogany finish. 

Maybe you’re looking for something carbon neutral. Or perhaps you want something that is Australian made - both of which Wine Stash is proud to be? These are all things you’ll have to consider before deciding on which design is a match made in heaven for you.

Riddling Rack Bespoke Wine Rack

Do You Need to Monitor Temperature or Humidity?

For more serious wine collectors, you’ll probably want to monitor things like wine storage temperature and humidity. This will cost more but will help you age your wine properly and keep an eye on things. Also, nothing screams ‘wine aficionado’ likewine cellar conditioning. Naturally, this requires a larger budget than usual.

Ready to start your dream wine collection? Check out our range of ready-made and bespoke Australian wine racks today. 

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