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A Beginner’s Guide to Alcohol-Free Wine - And 6 We Recommend

  • 3 min read

Every once in a while, wine lovers will find themselves having to go without their favourite alcoholic beverage. Whether you’re a designated driver, pregnant, or simply doing ‘Dry July’, there are many valid reasons why you might decline a glass of red. This can be especially hard when you’re at a social gathering and everyone around you has a glass in hand. 

Luckily, there are non-alcoholic wines to solve the awkwardness of standing with your hands in your pockets. But for those new to non-alcoholic wine - you may be thinking, is itreally worth it? 

You’ll be surprised.

How Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Made?

Is non-alcoholic wine just grape juice? Not quite. In fact, non-alcoholic wine goes through many of the same steps as regular wine. After it is harvested, it is then fermented, becoming alcoholic in the process. The difference between grape juice and wine is that the alcohol is removed from the wine at the last stages, leaving a drink that is less sweet but maintaining the same delicious flavours and aromas of regular wine. 

The two main ways that alcohol is removed from wine are:

  • Vacuum Distillation: alcohol and volatiles are removed at a low temperature, with elements such as aromatics blended back into the wine afterwards
  • Filtration:also known as reverse osmosis, this method involves using high pressure to push the wine against a membrane so fine that only alcohol and alcohol can seep through. Water is then added back into the wine concentrate.

Once these two methods are complete, the wine is ready to be bottled and consumed. 

Does Non-Alcoholic Wine Taste Good? Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Wine 

Non-alcoholic wines are flooding the market as people are searching for wine alternatives and realising just how exquisite non-alcoholic wine can be. Of course, the main benefit is being able to enjoy the delicious flavours of regular wine without having to consume alcohol, meaning you can drive afterwards and even drink all you want without the risk of a hangover.

Many mothers-to-be consider drinking alcohol-free wine. Of course, we’re no medical experts, so if you are pregnant and want to enjoy the fantastic range of alcohol-free wines out there, it’s best to speak with your doctor first!

Are All Non-Alcoholic Wines Alcohol-Free?

Non-alcoholic wine, de-alcoholised wine and alcohol-free wine are interchangeable names for the same type of beverage. Technically, a wine can be alcohol-free but still have up to 0.5% ABV. ‘Well, that’s notreally alcohol-free’, you may be thinking, but a ripe banana can have as much alcohol, so having trace amounts still means the wine can fit these labels. 

5 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines You Can Try Today

With the non-alcoholic wine industry more popular than ever, you’ll be able to find it in any bottle shop such as Dan Murphy's, and even well-known supermarket chains. 

A few gems we recommend include: 

  • Funky Monkey Blanc de Blanc (Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine)
  • Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio (Non-Alcoholic White Wine)
  • Le Petit Chavin Chardonnay (Non-Alcoholic White Wine)
  • Edenvale Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Alcoholic Red Wine)
  • Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Alcoholic Red Wine)
  • Giesen 0% Rosé (Non-Alcoholic Rosé)

Whatever alcohol-free wine you choose, remember to store it on some premium wine racks.

How to Store Your Wine with Style 

Whether you’re collecting alcohol-free wine or regular wine, there is no substitute for exceptional wine storage. For all your wine storage solutions and accessories, visit Wine Stash’s online store today. 

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