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8 Easy Tips for How to Store Wine After It’s Been Opened 

  • 3 min read

It’s true: wine can be stored for years, sometimes even decades under the right conditions. You can check out our blog on aging wine here. 

But how do you store wine after it has been uncorked? Well, a wine’s life cycle will decrease rapidly after opening, but there are a few things you can do to keep it as fresh as possible - for as long as possible. 

After all, as Australia’s premier Wine Rack providers, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about Wine Storage!

How Long Does Wine Last After Being Opened?

So, you’ve picked a beautiful bottle of Merlot from your wine racks and indulged in it over dinner. But, there’s still a good deal of wine left in the bottle. 

Rich, full-bodied red wines like Shiraz or Cabernet can last up to 5 days when stored under the right conditions. Lighter bodied wines will generally spoil after 3 or so days. White wine and rose are best consumed immediately after opening but some can last up to a week when stored right. Champagne and sparing line are best consumed no later than 2 days.

Fortified wine can actually last a few weeks after being opened. 

1. Store the Wine In Dim Light

One way to extend your wine’s life after opening is to store it somewhere dark and cool, like on some quality wine racks away from natural light. This is no different to how wine should be stored before opening (we have a blog about that which you can read here). If you’re out and about or camping, consider wrapping it in cloth or somewhere where the light and heat won’t get to it.

2. Put It In a Fridge

Keep your opened wine in a fridge. Even better if you have a wine fridge! There are different tools you can use to keep wine under the right conditions, such as our wine conditioning systems and custom-made wine racks. 

3. Use a Vacuum Pump 

Oxygen is your wine’s arch-nemesis. Using a vacuum pump can help with the aging process after it has been uncorked. With that said, some connoisseurs believe that a vacuum pump can negatively affect the taste and aroma of wine, especially white wine - but the verdict is still out. 

4. Use a Half Bottle

The remaining air in a bottle can affect the wine inside. One thing to consider is pouring the wine into a smaller bottle or half-bottle. This will help to keep it more airtight and ultimately prolong its life. 

5. Use Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are used especially for sparkling wines. They replace corks or lids you might have accidentally thrown away and create an airtight seal. These are inexpensive and are great to have on hand for all wine lovers. 

6. Store Wine in an Upright Position

After being opened, wine is best stored in an upright position. This allows the least amount of wine to be exposed to air as possible, and thus reduces oxidation. 

7. Inert Wine Gas Preservation Systems

Inert gases like Argon are non-reactive to wine and can be used to replace the oxygen in a wine bottle, creating a protective layer over the liquid. Once the gas is inserted, seal the bottle as tightly as possible.

8. Recork it the Properly

If you’re putting the cork back on your wine bottle, it’s best to put the ‘stained side’ on it. The outside of the cork may not be clean and can lead to spoiling faster.

Store Your Wine with Confidence with Quality Australian Wine Racks

Whether you’re a serious wine collector or simply love the occasional bottle, there’s no replacing a good wine storage system. Check out wine stash’s wine rack collection today to keep your wine lasting longer and tasting better. 

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