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6 Must-Have Australian Wine Brands to Add to Your Wine Collection

  • 2 min read

It’s true: every Australian wine collector will want to add some Australian bottles to their collection. However, buying Australian wine brands isn’t just about supporting local businesses. Australian wine is also famous for its superb quality. While your building your collection with our premium wine racks, you can’t go wrong adding some Aussie vino to your project (if you know where to look). 

Although a list of the best Australian wine brands would inevitably lead to fierce debate, here are 6 brands we think would work great in your wine collection.

Jacob’s Creek

Like Penfolds, the Jacob’s Creek Wine company has been around since the 1800s (although not called Jacob’s Creek until 1973). Jacob’s Creek is known for its premium Barossa reds and whites. It has become a signature wine, not only of that region but for Australian wine too.

Consider its popular Chardonnay, which has a signature creamy mouthfeel and is fermented in oak barrels for deeper complexity.

Wolf Blass

Not only does it have one of the best names of any wine brand, but Wolf Blass also seems to have won every award under the sun for its wines. Since its inception in 1966, Wolf Blass has been crafting highly regarded wines from the Barossa Valley region.

If you’re looking for iconic Australian red wines, look no further than Wolf Blass.


Penfolds is among the most popular Australian wine brands - and for good reason. Even more impressive is that it's been around since 1844. Founded by an English physician who moved to Australia, Wolf Blass has consistently had its finger on the pulse for quality wines.

Whether you’re looking for something classy like its Grange wines (which can cost up to a few hundred dollars), or something more affordable, you can’t go wrong with Penfolds.

Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail, although only existing as a brand since 2001, has been mastering winemaking for decades. It has helped garner the reputation abroad (especially in America) that Australian wines can have exceptional quality while being sold at an agreeable price.

Peter Lehmann

Established in 1980, this wine brand was founded by Peter Lehmann, known as the “Baron of the Barossa Valley”. Early on, Peter Lehmann Wines was famous for its Stonewell Shiraz Varietal, but they have a range of other fantastic wines to choose from.


Although not as widely known as giants like Penfolds or Jacob’s Creek, Rockford is a masterclass in winemaking - especially its Shiraz. Locals love the Basket Press Shiraz, so our best bet is to start there!

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