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5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Wine Conditioning Unit

  • 2 min read

Once you have a wine cellar or wine room set up, the next step is ensuring that you get the conditions right. One way to do that is by installing a Wine Conditioning Unit. 

After all, if you’re serious about wine storage in the long term, you’ll know that there are a few important factors to consider. But what exactly are Wine Conditioning Units?

What Are Wine Cellar Conditioning Units?

Wine Conditioning Unit

Wine Conditioning Units are systems used to ensure that your wine’s environment is in peak condition. They go by a few names, including Wine Cellar Climate Control Systems and Wine Cellar Cooling Units. By installing these systems, you can keep your wine collection at the right temperature, 24/7. 

The following are5 things to consider before installing your Wine Cellar Conditioners. 

1. Wine Cellar Conditioners are Different to Standard Air Conditioners

Although their name might suggest otherwise, there’s a difference between standard Air Conditioning Units and Wine Conditioners. Air conditioners usually produce short blasts of cold air to maintain an average temperature. 

However, through this method, the temperature can fluctuate (which is not ideal for wine). Wine Conditioners produce a much more consistent temperature, which means you can sleep soundly knowing that your wine is doing just fine. 

2. There are Different Types of Wine Conditioning Units

So, you’re just about ready to pick your Conditioning Unit. But before you take the next step, you'll find there are different types to choose from. These include self-contained, split, ductless, and ducted. 

Ducted Systems are more similar to your standard air conditioning or heating systems. Ductless systems are similar too, but with refrigerant piping.  

Self-Contained Units can be installed yourself without much effort. Split-Systems, however, will likely need to be installed by a qualified technician. Learn more about Wine Stash’s Self-Contained and Split-Systems here.

3. You Still Need a Wine Cellar with the Right Conditions for Wine Storage

Sure, a Wine Conditioning System ticks a lot of the right boxes. However, they’re only as effective as your Wine Collection’s location. Your collection should still be away from direct sunlight (or any bright lights). 

The walls should also be well insulated to make sure that you can get the humidity right.

4. A Wine Conditioning Unit Will Increase Your Budget 

Wine Cellar Climate Control Systems tend to vary a lot in price. However, Self-Contained Units are usually the most budget-friendly. With that said, if you can set aside a few thousand to install your system, we promise you won’t regret it. 

Having a Wine Conditioner helps to make your wine cellar your pride and joy and a fantastic feature of your home. 

5. You Need to Set Your Wine Conditioner to the Right Temperature 

Ideally, you’ll want to set your room temperature between 11 to 14 degrees Celsius. With Wine Stash’s Wine Cellar Conditioning Systems, you’ll be able to get the exact temperature you need. For more tips about the right conditions for your wine, check out our blog article about How to Master Wine Storage in 7 Easy Steps here. 

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