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5 Reasons It's Time to Convert Your Closet Into a Wine Room

  • 3 min read

Dreaming of having your very own wine cellar but don't have the space? Don't worry. We've got your back!

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual fan, you can design the ideal storage space for your collection by turning your closet into a perfect wine cellar. To make your own wine room, all you need is a place as small as your closet.

Keeping the bottles in a wine room will help you maintain the wine's worth and flavour - and even improve it. Continue reading and find out 5 reasons why it's time to convert your closet into a wine room.

1. A Wine Room Means Starting Your Dream Collection Without Cluttering Your Home

If you plan on having a dream wine collection at home, one of your main concerns is whether or not it is preserved properly. Is it time to upgrade your wine collection and create your unique wine room? You bet.

You may be thinking that you don't have enough space to create a wine room, but don't worry! A simple closest is a good start, and can perfectly mimic the environment of a wine cellar.

2. Wine Racks Can Be Customized to Fit Any Space

If you have even a passing interest in storing wine, you are fully aware that it must be stored properly to retain its quality. That is why wine racks exist.

They help to store wine carefully and in a convenient manner in one place. Wine racks from Wine Stash come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, designed to hold your valuable wines in a horizontal position to keep the corks damp so that they don't dry out.

Take, for example, the 30 Bottle Timber Wine Rack. This convenient, unique wine rack is compact enough to fit any design or area, having the ability to expand as your wine collection grows. Another great example is the Modular Wine Rack, designed to maximize storage space and give a true cellar feel.

30 Bottle Timber Wine Rack

3. You Can Use Wine Towers to Make the Most of Vertical Space

For every wine drinker, having a bottle or two on stock is always a good idea. And when you lack space - even in a closet, a wine tower can be just what you’re looking for.

Wine towers are durable space-saving placed almost anywhere. Regardless of how much wine you drink, a wine tower is an excellent storage solution.

Store your wine in elegance with Wine Tower from Wine Stash. This wine tower can hold up to 36 wine bottles. Moreover, it's a foldable wine storage tower that'll blend seamlessly in your Cellar. The style, adaptability, and ease of installing this Wine tower means it can be right at home in any location.

Wine Tower

4. Closets are The Perfect Place to Store Wine

One of the perks of turning your closet into a wine room is that they can offer conditions that are perfect for preserving your wine. Wine should be kept cool, vibration-free and in the dark, and a closest can offer all these things. 

5. You Can Install a Wine Fridge for the Best Conditions

Wine has a very delicate composition, and even the slightest change in its environment can lead to it spoiling. So, soon as you buy a bottle of wine, it's necessary to preserve it properly until you're ready to consume it. 

The temperature of a kitchen refrigerator is just too low for optimum wine preservation. 168 Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet from Liebherr might be perfect for you because it will provide the ideal temperature for your wines and accommodate them all with style.

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For more wine storage solutions, check out Wine Stash’s online store today.

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