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Here’s Why Wine Collectors Use Wooden Wine Racks 

  • 2 min read

Here’s the thing. At some point, every wine collector will have to decide what type of wine rack they want. The most popular contenders are wooden wine racks, metal wine racks, and occasionally other materials such as plastic.

The general consensus is that Wooden Racks are the best choice all around. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned pro, here’s why Wooden Wine Racks reign supreme. 

Wooden Wine Racks Absorb Micro-Vibrations 

Serious wine collectors know that a little shake can be bad news for stored wine. One simple answer: use a Wooden Wine Rack. Wood absorbs micro-vibrations much better than most materials. This helps to combat vibrations that can come from footsteps, washing machines, even nearby road traffic.

We cover some other conditions that affect wine storage here

They Have a Classic Look That Never Goes Out of Style

Let’s face it: well-made wooden wine racks looked great a hundred years ago and still look great today. Using a wooden design gets you a classic look that is elegant and luxurious. They can be at home anywhere, from your wine cellar to your living room.

As a result, you can rest assured that they will fit like a glove in a modern setting and, on the other end of the spectrum, an old-fashioned interior.

They Can Be Stained to Suit Any Aesthetic 

Unlike other materials such as metal, wine racks made from wood can easily be stained to suit any aesthetic or décor. With natural finishes and beautiful stains, your wooden wine rack can feel right at home, whatever your interior design.

They are Cost-Effective and Durable

At the end of the day, using wood for your wine rack means less risk of buying something made from flimsy, cheap materials. Using high-quality wood such as pine and hardwood timber as Wine Stash does, means you have a wine rack designed to last a lifetime. The best part: those materials are cost-effective without being any less classy.

They’re a Better Fit for Bespoke Designs

Wooden designs can be easily crafted to your vision. In other words, if you’re worried that a wooden wine rack won’t fit in your small space, a bespoke design could be perfect for you. Check out some of our bespoke options to get wine storage that ticks all the right boxes.

Modular Wine Rack Wood

Why Choose Wine Stash for Wooden Wine Racks

At Wine Stash, we use sustainably sourced timber and pine for our Wine Racks. 100% Australian made, our made-to-order wine racks are designed to create the perfect storage for your collection, guaranteeing a ‘wow’ factor every time. 

On top of this, for every wine rack purchased, Wine Stash will plant a tree on your behalf. As a leading wine storage business in Australia, we are paving the way for consistently high-quality wine racks that are undeniably you.

Your dream wine collection starts with Wine Stash. Browse Wine Stash’s online store today.

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