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Why Starting a Wine Collection is a PERFECT Hobby to Start During Quarantine

  • 3 min read

For over a year, a lot of us have found ourselves stuck at home. Some people took up baking bread and others finally read those books that have been on their shelf for years. But, for many wine lovers, it’s finally a chance to start their dream wine collection.

Here’s why there’s no better time than right now to purchase some wine racks and start your Wine Collection

1. Wine Collections are a Long-Term Investment

Collecting wine, whether for aging or drinking is a fantastic long-term investment. On the one hand, wine can increase in value over time, and on the other - certain wines taste better with age. Either way, starting a wine collection with quality wine racks is something that you can enjoy for many years. The wine lover in you will be thankful for it!

2. They’re a Fun a Hobby You Can Do Indoors

Stuck inside? No problem! Creating a wine collection can keep you occupied indoors without ever getting bored. First, find a space that is suitable for storing wine. Next, purchase your wine racks or wine storage units. Lastly, order the perfect wine to kick off your collection and watch it grow. Best of all, this can all be done in the comfort of your home. 

3. They’re Highly Creative - and Even More Rewarding

Believe it or not, having a wine collection is highly creative. Think about it: when crafting your wine racks, you have to decide on their aesthetic, their shape and create something that aligns with your interior design - your vision. Do you want an old fashioned look? Or something more contemporary, perhaps? These are all exciting factors that you will have to consider. 

Next, you have to organise your wine bottles based on your personal preferences - such as taste palette, grape and region. It’s a highly creative and rewarding experience and leads to a real sense of pride. 

4. They’re the Gift that Keeps on Giving During Quarantine

Many collectors and hobbyists can do no more than admiring their collection as it grows. Starting a wine collection is different because you can actually drink the wine and enjoy its benefits. It’s far more experiential. Sure, you can pass around a stamp collection to your friends, but nothing quite beats sharing a classic red at a dinner that came from your very own wine racks. 

5. They Give You a Reason to Learn About Wine

One of the many joys of starting a wine collection is learning all about wine, the aging process and the best ways to store wine. At first, you might think, ‘how much can there be to learn?’ But trust us - you can learn about wine for years and still find loads more to discover. Conveniently, we break down all basics of wine aging, collecting and storage in our blogs which you can find here

6. You Can Show off Your Collection to Your Friends When Quarantine is Over

After investing a lot of time and effort into your dream wine collection, of course, the most exciting prospect is to show it off to your friends (whenever that may be!) Not only can you and your friends enjoy your collection once social distancing is no longer a problem, but you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of it for many years to come. 

Where Do You Go From Here? Purchase High-Quality Wine Racks

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Have you got the itch to curate your own wine collection? Check out our blogs to learn more or browse our online store to get started! 

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