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The 7 Deadly Sins of Wine Storage (Do You Make Any Of These Wine Rack Mistakes?)

  • 3 min read

Sure, we’ve given you the lowdown on how to store your wine like a pro, but even veteran wine collectors make mistakes. Whether you’re new to wine storage or you have an impressive wine racks setup, you won’t want to miss our latest blog!

The following are the 7 deadly sins of wine storage.

1. Storing Your Wine Upright

Have you ever wondered why wine is stored horizontally? Well, it’s not just to save space. Keeping bottles sideways allows the cork to be exposed to the wine keeps it moist. This prevents it from getting dry and deteriorating - and even seepage. 

So, if you plan on storing wine in the medium to long-term, make sure they’re sideways. Getting a quality wine rack from Wine Stash will help you do this with ease.

2. Exposing Your Wine to Sunlight

If you know a thing or two about wine, you’ll know that they belong somewhere shady. Exposing them to direct sunlight can disrupt the aging process and quickly spoil the wine.

Wine should be held under consistent conditions, and having to fluctuate due to changing sunlight is a one-way ticket to ruin. 

3. Storing Your Wine in the Kitchen and Not a Wine Room Or Cellar

A glass of Shiraz with a well-made steak? Iconic. But, despite this, your wine needs to be kept out of the kitchen if you’re serious about your wine storage. If you plan on drinking your wine soon, you should be fine. But, the longer you store your wine in the kitchen, the more it is exposed to high temperatures, vibrations and humidity.

The solution? Get some reliable wine racks and store your wine somewhere more suitable like a wine room, wine wall or cellar. 

Wine Cellar Wine Racks

4. Storing Your Wine in a Standard Refrigerator

You know that your wine should be stored at a consistent, cool temperature. So, a refrigerator sounds like an obvious solution, right? Unfortunately not.

For short-term storage, you won’t run into any problems, but anything more than that will lead to a decline in quality for whatever wine you have. 

5. Not Controlling Your Wine Temperature

Wine is most comfortable somewhere cool, which is why you’ll often find them in a cellar on some wine racks. If like many people, you don’t own a cellar, you can always make yourself a wine room, or set up some wine racks somewhere with adequate conditions. 

To take things a step further, you can also buy a wine refrigerator.

6. Not Finishing Your Wine Soon After Opening It

Wine doesn’t age like other drinks. The moment you open a bottle, your wine is in a rapid state of decay. In fact, you probably have 3-5 days to drink it, depending on your type of wine.

You can learn 8 Easy Tips for How to Store Wine After It’s Been Opened here. 

7. Storing Your Wine in the Wrong Humidity 

The reason wine is stored in a cellar isn’t just because cellars are dark and cool. They also tend to have optimum humidity! Fortunately, there are ways you can tackle this issue, including getting a wine cellar conditioning system

wine cellar conditioning system.

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