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Can You Store Red Wine in a Fridge?

  • 3 min read

Wine Storage 101 will tell you that a wine bottle’s favourite place is a cool, dark area away from the elements. Therefore, logic would have it that your average fridge would be fine to store wine, right? 

Well, yes and know. 

There’s a lot to learn about wine storage and, depending on your goals, an average fridge might not cut it. But don’t fret! Below, we’ll answer the question ‘can you store your red wine in a fridge?’ 

Let’s begin. 

Can I Store Red Wine in the Fridge?

On paper, a normal fridge should work great for a bottle of wine. However, the ideal temperature for a bottle of wine is between 12 to 14 degrees celsius. The average temperature for a home refrigerator is about 4 degrees. As you can see, there is quite a temperature difference, making a standard fridge too cold for wine. 

Home fridges also tend to have lower humidity, are privy to micro-vibrations and are less spatially consistent with temperature. 

So, that leaves long-term storage of red wine off the table. With that said, if you plan on drinking a bottle of wine soon, then keeping your wine in the fridge for a short period is okay. 

Store Open Red Wine in a Fridge

After you open a bottle of red wine, it quickly starts to spoil. Although a fridge isn’t ideal for red wine storage, it can help you store open wine for a few days. 

Opened White wine and rosé can last between 3 to 5 days, whereas red wine can last about 4 to 5 days. If not refrigerated or stored in ideal conditions, wine will go off a lot quicker. Of course, our recommendation is to finish the wine as soon as possible, but that’s just us!

Wine Fridges (And How They Differ From Regular Fridges)

When it comes to storing wine under pitch-perfect conditions, Wine Fridges (or wine storage cabinets) are your best friend! But how do they differ from standard fridges?

Unlike standard fridges, wine refrigerators are designed specifically for wine, allowing you to perfect the right temperature and lighting conditions, as well as other benefits. 

As reliable wine storage systems, you can sleep soundly knowing that your wine is stored under the best conditions for long-term storage. But that’s not all. After opening a bottle of wine, a wine fridge will ensure you can store the bottle as long as possible. 

Great examples of Wine refrigerators are the Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets. From 46 to 168 bottles, Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinets come with dual temperature regulation, dimmable LED lights and even presentation shelves. View our range of state of the art cabinets here, or find the brochure here

Liebherr 80 Bottle Dual Zone Integrated Wine Storage Cabinet

Liebherr 80 Bottle Dual Zone Integrated Wine Storage Cabinet

Tips for Storing Red Wine After Being Opened

To extend your red wine’s life after it’s been opened, there are a few tricks you can try, including storing your wine upright, using wine stoppers, and using Inert Wine Gas Preservation Systems. For more Easy Tips for How to Store Wine After It’s Been Opened, check out our blog

Storing Your Red Wine With Wine Racks

The most popular way for wine connoisseurs to store red wine is by using quality wine racks. Along with an ideal location, wine racks (when done right) are a flexible, affordable and ideal way to keep your wine healthy for years to come. 

Whether you own a collection that you can count on your fingers or require a whole room, there are wine racks made just for your tastes. Check out Wine Stash’s online store to find the perfect wine racks and wine storage solutions for you. 

For more wine storage tips, check out Wine Stash’s blog

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