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7 Small Wine Racks that Are Perfect For When You Have Limited Space

  • 2 min read

At the end of the day, a wine collector needs space for their wine bottles. Unfortunately, not everyone has a whole lot of free space for their wine racks. 

But don’t worry, we can suggest a few small wine racks that are small space friendly and guaranteed to impress your friends!

1. Wine Cubes

Wine Cubes hit that perfect balance of something familiar yet different. They’re also a popular choice for people having to limit their collection but still want to impress their friends. 

You can get them as traditional wood wine cubes, industrials wine cubes or even clear wine cubes for something more modern. Check out Wine Stash’s range here. 

Wine Cube

2. Engraved Wine Racks

A perfect gift for a loved one, Wine Stash’s Engraved Wine Racks store up to 9 bottles and add a personal touch to your wine collection. We can add text, logos and even images to these beautiful wine racks which you can get in a variety of different styles to suit your taste. 

Engraved Wine Rack

3. Custom Built Wine Racks

As the name suggests, custom-built wine racks can be tailor-made to suit your size requirements and stylistic flare. At Wine Stash, you can get them as small as one hole, to something far more epic.  

Custom Built Wine Rack

4. Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Don’t have much space on the floor? Not a problem: wall mounted wine racks can solve that. Whether you prefer vertical wall mounted wine racks or horizontal wall mounted wine racks, they’re one of the most ‘small space friendly’ wine storage solutions you can find. 

Not only do they not take up any walking space, but they also double as a stylish wall decoration that makes your living space feel a little bit fancier. 

Horizontal Wall Mounted Wine Rack

5. Modular Wine Rack

Modular Wine Racksare one of the most dynamic choices for small space wine storage. You can place them anywhere - on the floor, on tabletops, even in cupboards. And, if you run out of room, you can easily add a few more levels on top. 

You’ll often find these popular wine racks in dining rooms and lounge rooms. 

Modular Wine Rack

6. Wine Ladders

Perhaps more than any other wine rack on this list, wine ladders have that wow factor. They have a charming and ingenious design and guarantee to get a compliment from any new visitor to your home. 

Like all of Wine Stash’s products, you can purchase them according to the style you like, whether that’s something modern or rustic. 

Wine Ladder

7. Wine Tower

Wine Tower

Last on our list is the Wine Tower. Reserved for the true wine fan, wine towers are a little more expensive but are the most impressive wine rack solution. You can use them in a wine cellar or act as a focal point in your living space. 

Either way, nothing screams ‘wine fan’ like a wine tower. Check out our wine towers today such as the 'Classic Wine Tower', ‘Thirsty Sleeper’ and ‘Wine Rack Timber Tower’. 

With these stylish small wine racks, there’s no excuse for not starting your wine collection! Browse all these products and more at Wine Stash’s online store today

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