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7 Creative Wine Rack Ideas When You Don’t Have a Wine Cellar

  • 5 min read

Wine collecting is more popular than ever. But, let’s face it — not everyone has the convenience of a cellar to take their collection to ‘obsession’ levels. Luckily, there are a plethora of creative ways to store your wine, even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.  

Before you begin to understand the different types of equipment that can help withwine storage ideas, you should be well versed in optimal storage locations and parameters. 

The most important tip to storing wine effectively — regardless of the equipment you have available — is to keep it in a dark place. UV rays are harmful to wines, as it ages them prematurely. It is best to keep your wine stored in a place away from windows. If you have ordered a wine rack and it hasn’t arrived yet, a temporary solution could be to keep your wine in a box or cover it with a piece of fabric for minimal sunlight. 

Whether you’re looking for beautiful wine racks to suit your décor or you simply want to store wine in tight quarters, don’t fret! The following are 7 creativewine rack ideas to collect wine, however much space you have.

The Hanging Wine Rack 

Wall Hanging Wine Rack

No space on the floor? No worries. Hanging wine racks take advantage of wall space while acting as beautiful decorations to your home. Another advantage is that hanging wine racks can hold a surprising number of bottles. 

So, if you want to store more than a handful of wine bottles but lack the space, you can’t go wrong with them. Check out Wine Stash’s beautiful range of wall hanging wine racks for inspirations. 

Under the Stairs Wine Storage

Unlike Harry Potter, an under-the-stairs closet is a great place to live when it comes to wine bottles. Wine lovers around the world have taken advantage of this space with good reason.

Asmall wine rack is essential here, so you are free to be creative with the space you have available. It’s not a place to showcase astylish wine rack, but it’s certainly functional. You can place a smaller wine tower or wall mounted wine rack in the space you have. It’s not a bad spot to keep wine that you want to have easy access to.

Note: if the area under your stairs tends to exhibit a lot of vibration, we don’t recommend this space for long-term wine storage. 

The Stackable or Modular Wine Rack for Small Spaces

Modular Wine Rack Stackable

Love to have wine on hand, but would rather a modest collection? Modular Wine Racks let you store wine from 4 to... well, infinity. Modular wine racks are easily customizable, and you can extend your collection by attaching as many levels as you’d like. 

This is ideal for any home that doesn’t have a lot of free space available, regardless of how much wine you have. With Wine Stash, you can create a tailor-mademodular wine rack to suit any space. Whether it’s a horizontal stack to fit 50 bottles, a more vertical stack to fit 100, or even a simplepantry wine rack, a modular solution is the way to go. 

The best way to maximise your space is to simply create a storage system based on its parameters. At Wine Stash, you can work with our team to create a stylish wine rack in any way that you wish. Simplyget in touch and get started today.

Walk-In Wine Cabinets 

Some people have a closet for their shoes... others have one for their wine. Whether you have a spare pantry in the kitchen or a cupboard that could be put to better use, dedicating a walk-in space for your collection would make any wine fan excited. We recommend using something like a classic timber wine rack or wine cubes

Though this may seem expensive at first, if you are serious about preserving your wine — or at the very least keeping it in the best condition possible — then you must invest in a suitable wine cabinet.

The Ladder Wine Rack

Foldable Ladder Wine Rack

Like the hanging wine rack, the ladder wine rack can store a decent number of wine bottles without taking up much space on the floor. Foldable ladder wine racks can lead against a wall or stand on their own when folded. The ladder wine rack brings an eye-catching sense of fun to whatever space it’s mounted in and are perfect for anyone wanting some character with their wine collection. 

Wall Mountable Wine Racks

These wine racks are seamlessly attached to a wall both horizontally and vertically, thanks to their ingenious mounting system. These are perfect for anyone who wants to present a few bottles decoratively (they can hold up to 6). 

With that said, you can also create a feature wall using two or more of these wall mountable wine racks and create something visually appealing. With a complete set of Masonry Fasteners, you can mount this wine rack against any masonry, including concrete, brick, tiled and stone walls. 

Wine Rack Towers

Wine Tower and Wine Bottle

Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, wine towers can be a genuine long-term storage solution as well as a timeless decoration.Always keeping in mind the parameters of wine storage — dark location and a vibration-free environment — you can create a bespoke storage system that utilises creativewine rack ideas

Check out our store to see our fantastic range ofwine rack towers.

Feeling inspired yet? Take a look at Wine Stash’sonline store to find your perfect wine rack. 

If you are looking for an immediate solution to your wine storage needs, there are several ways to manage your wine collection temporarily. 

  • Keep boxed
  • If you purchase wine online or in bulk, it will most likely arrive in a box. As it is best to keep wine stored in a dark location, it might be convenient to just leave it in the box if you have no alternative means of storage. As for location, any place that is away from vibration and direct sunlight would be best.

  • Cover with fabric
  • If your wine did not come boxed up, and you still don’t have an effective storage solution available, you can use fabrics to cover the wine. Place it in a dark and cool place and then cover the wine with something like a towel to keep it out and away from any light source. 

    Wine Stash — quality wine rack solutions

    Storing your fine collection of wine is essential if you are looking for preservation solutions. A preserved wine is a good wine, so make sure that you have a place to keep and manage your collection in both the short and long term. Whether it’s a pantry wine rack, a small wine rack, an extravagant and stylish wine rack, or anything in between, you can find what you need at Wine Stash. 

    Take a look at ourpremium collection to find all types of wine racks, such aswall-mounted,small kitchen island with wine rack,  or othermodular equipment and choose for yourself. For more information on how you can get creative with your wine rack storage ideas,get in touch with us and an expert will help you get started.

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