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7 Bar Cart Styling Tips For Your Home

  • 4 min read

Bar Carts…whether you’re a natural party host who loves to impress, or simply want a stylish way to showcase your wine, there’s nothing quite as fancy as a bar cart. If, like many wine collectors, you have considered investing in a bar cart, keep reading on as we take a deep dive into how to style a bar cart, with some impressive bar cart ideas. By the end, you will know how to choose the right bar cart, what every bar cart should have, as well as effective bar cart styling tips to make your bar cart extra impressive. 

Why choose a Bar Cart for Your Wine Collection

The right bar cart serves three key functions. First, it’s a fashionable way to present your wine collection to guests and is sure to turn heads (while acting as a great talking point at parties). The second is that a well-made drink cart can double as a sleek piece of furniture that, if chosen well, can complement your interior décor . Lastly, an alcohol trolley can be a fun and effective place to store wine and its accessories, including wine glasses, bottle openers and other beverages.  

Stylish Bar Cart Examples

Industrial French Bar Cart

Industrial French Bar Cart

Want some inspiration for your next Bar Cart? Check out some of the examples below.

For more examples, click here. 

Bar Cart Styling Tips:

1. Choose a Bar Cart Based On Your Décor

It’s helpful to consider the décor of the room you’re putting your bar cart in. After all, a bar car is like a piece of furniture, and not gelling well with your décor will make it stand out like a sore thumb - and not in a good way! If your décor is more contemporary or suited to chrome stylings, why not go with theBlack & Gold Bar Cart with Marble Top?

2. Ask Yourself: Is This Bar Cart a Permanent Fixture, Or Only For Parties?

Although Bar Carts tend to offer some mobility, consider whether you will want to move your bar cart for special occasions, or if you want it placed somewhere as a permanent fixture. For the latter, you can make the most of this functional piece of furniture by adding lamps, books, vases and even flowers. If you use your imagination, you’ll find that it can stylishly hold much more than wine and cocktail shakers! 

3. Pick the Right Location

Consider the best location to place your bar cart. It’s often good to have it at the edge of a room to not get in anyone’s way. We also recommend having it by a focal point, such as a piece of art. Usually, the best locations to place your bar cart is in the living room or dining area, areas where you are most likely to entertain guests. Bar Carts usually have wheels too, so when you’re playing host or hostess, you can move it to somewhere more convenient. 

4. Present Local, Unique or Boutique Bottles

Bar Carts offer that ‘wow-factor’ to guests. One great way to capitalize on this is by presenting local, unique or boutique wine bottles, adding that extra layer of interest to your Bar Cart. It will guarantee to have guests coming over to admire your bar cart, along with its contents!

5. Choose What Style You Want For Your Glassware

Glassware can suit different styles, but if they’re too varied, you will have a sense of messiness on your bar cart. Simple clear glassware tends to have a minimal or neutral style, so can fit most décors. Crystal glassware is considered elegant or even modern. Coloured glassware usually leans into something more vintage or retro. With that said, it can be good to weave in some coloured glassware as statement pieces. They’re good to add colour to something that might otherwise be devoid of colour. 

6. Use Books for That Extra Level of Sophistication

Want to add that extra level of sophistication to your bar cart? We recommend coffee table books. Good examples include ‘Wine Cellars: An Exploration of Stylish Storage’, or ‘101 Wines to try before you die’. They’re a great way to fill space and adds interest to your bar cart, whether it is a DIY bar cart or vintage dining room bar cart. 

7. Use Accessories to Create More Interest 

There really is no limit to how you can style your bar cart. However, if you’re looking for accessories to spruce it up, some great examples include:

  • Bartender kit
  • Wine Decanter
  • Coffeet able books 
  • Copper mugs
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Cocktail kits
  • Ice buckets
  • Candles
  • Platters

We recommend looking at photos online and seeing examples that catch your eye. A good place to look is Pinterest, where there are sure to be some beautiful bar cart designs for inspiration. 


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