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Wall Support Brackets

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These Wall Support Brackets securely connect your Wine Rack to the adjacent wall. Preventing anything from becoming unstable and providing peace of mind that your valuable wine collection isn't going anywhere.

These Wall Support Brackets are sold as packs of 4 units and are suitable for all timber & steel wine racks at Wine Stash and do not add any extra width to the wine racks themselves.

    • Made of mild steel, these wall support brackets are designed to secure your wine rack to the adjacent wall. Preventing anything from becoming unstable.


      With a Black finish, these brackets are designed to blend in and become virtually indistinguishable from your wine rack.

    • Although optional, these wall support brackets are recommended for any wine racks over 1.2m in height.


      A minimum of 4 of these Wall Support Brackets are usually required for each wine rack. One bracket for each corner of the wine rack.

    • These wall support brackets are now available with fixings for various types of walls. These fixing kits include all the screws and anchors required for:
      • Plasterboard Walls
      • Stone Walls
      • Concrete Walls
      • Brick Walls



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