Modular, Stackable Wine Racks

If you’re looking for wine storage solutions, why not consider displaying your collection using a vertical stacked modular wine rack? At Wine Stash, we are constantly striving to bring customers the latest and greatest in wine storage designs. We’ve proudly developed an eco-friendly modular collection that features incredible products in varying sizes to accommodate the needs of wine lovers across the globe.

Modular wine storage racks in a variety of sizes

Whether you’re looking for compact modular wine storage racks to display your wine neatly or high-quality stackable modular wine racks to display a large quantity of stock in your commercial space, we have various options for customers to choose from. When browsing our collection of modular wine racks, you’ll find products ranging from four bottle grids right up to 216 bottle wine rack kits.

Easy to assemble and modify

All of our modular wine storage racks are extremely easy to assemble as they don’t require any glue or tools to construct. As these designs are modular and vertically stacked, customers can easily secure the wooden parts into place for a safe and durable storage rack. As your wine collection or stock grows, you’ll be able to easily purchase additional layers that can be stacked on top of your existing timber modular wine rack.

Hand-made and eco-friendly

At Wine Stash, we are committed to using sustainably sourced New Zealand timber and follow a 100% carbon neutral manufacturing process. In addition to our eco-friendly operations, we plant a new tree for every product purchased in an effort to give back to the planet and help global reforestation. When purchasing a product from our modular wine rack collection, you can feel confident knowing you’re mindfully shopping and doing your part to reduce the impact we have on our planet. 

Discover the perfect timber modular wine racks for your home or commercial space

Head to Wine Stash to find a variety of modular wine racks to suit your home or commercial space. Find stackable modular wine racks made with premium timber in a range of sizes and designs. Once you’ve decided on your perfect modular wine rack, be sure to check out our other quality collections, including our classic, wine cube and bespoke designs. For more information on our products, delivery or custom designs, get in touch with someone from our Wine Stash customer service team today.



How are modular wine racks different from premium wine racks?

Premium wine racks are a great option for wine storage — but they come in pre-set sizes, which means they’re not necessarily ideal for every home or storage space. Investing inmodular wine storage racks means that you’re more easily able to create a wine storage solution that works well for your specific needs, no matter how big or small. They function as a great middle-ground between premium wine racks andwine cubes, enabling you to easily create amodular wine rack to suit your own preferences. 

How many wine bottles can the modular wine rack hold?

One of the great advantages of investing intimber modular wine racks is that you can create an arrangement that will allow you to store as few or as many bottles as you want. Our smallest arrays allow storage of 4 bottles, which can be a great way to keep a few bottles within easy reach in the kitchen. Alternatively, if you’re looking at ways to create your ownBespoke cellar, we sell pre-set arrangements of stackable shelving, which allow you to keep 200+ bottles at a time.

Where is the best place to storestackable modular wine racks?

As a general rule, it’s best to store your wine in a cool, dry place where it can be kept out of direct sunlight. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated all the time, but having temperature control is ideal where possible. For this reason, many people choose to create dedicated cellars, complete with appropriate decor from ourBespoke Collection

However, asmodular wine storage racks come in a variety of different sizes, you may opt to keep a selection of wines within easy reach on a kitchen bench. This makes modular wine storage racks great to keep a few bottles handy when you know you’re going to be entertaining. 

Introducing the Modular Collection. Our latest hand-made wine racks designed to be stacked vertically. Optimising space and creating a true cellar atmosphere. Available in a range of sizes and colours to help you create your dream cellar.

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