Authentic Wine Barrels

Store, Age and Display your wine in style with the premium barrel range from Wine Stash.

Available in a range of different configurations; these barrels can be used for tables, bars, centrepieces and of course wine storage.

Each one of these original barrels was previously used during production of premium Australian wines. The barrels are then retrofitted by hand to create the timeless wine barrels pictured.

  • The total measurements of these 225L wine barrels are approximately:
    • Width: 75cm (At Widest Point)
    • Height: 88cm - 91cm(Depending on the Barrel)

    You also have the option of adding an internal wine rack with a capacity of 24 Bottles of your favourite wine.

    The wine racks themselves have engineered to store your wine just off horizontal. Promoting perfect storage conditions and ensuring,

    • The Cork will stay in partial contact with the wine, helping it remain moist, and not dry out - Meaning your wine will last longer!
    • Entrapped air, formed by the wine’s ullage will remain on top of the bottle, allowing for a slower and more gradual maturation and oxidation process - Helping to preserve your wines complexity & character!
  • There are 12 different configurations currently available within this collection. Available configuration options include:
    • Doors: Your choice of either a solid barrel, or two rounded doors complete with a 24 Bottle Wine Rack from Wine Stash
    • Varnish: Add a layer of hand coated varnish to further highlight the timber grains and show off the wine barrel as a truly stunning centre piece.
    • Colours: Your choice of a Black, Gold, or the Natural Silver bands for your wine barrel
  • Wine Stash is a 100% Australian owned company.  Did you know:
    • Everything from design to manufacturing to delivery is 100% Carbon Neutral.
    • All of our Wine Barrels are sanded, reinforced and retrofitted by hand here in Sydney, Australia.


  • Authentic Wine Barrels

    Wine Stash range of Wine Barrels are a popular choice for Wine Lovers around the globe. Find out everything you need to know about our Authentic Wine Barrel Wine Cabinets below.

    Our Wine Barrel Wine Racks are perfect for wine collectors who want that wow factor to impress their friends. Not only are they an impressive and compact way of storing your wine, but they also double as a stylish piece of furniture that blends into any room’s interior design.

    Wine barrels are used for tables, bars, centrepieces and of course, to store your favourite wine.

    Yes - our Wine Barrels conveniently come assembled for you so you can start storing your wine in them straight away!

    Our Authentic Wine Barrels can store 225 Litres or 24 bottles on an optional internal wine rack. Our Iron Wine Racks have a total capacity of 80 bottles of your favourite Wine!

    This is optional, but it is not required due to the shape and size of our Wine Barrels.

    Our Authentic Wine Barrels are converted French Oak wine barrels that were used for premium Australian wines. They were then retrofitted by hand for a timeless design.

    Our Iron Wine Barrels are crafted from 100% Wrought Iron with a copper black body finish and a Rustic Wood Top.

    The total measurements for Wooden Wine Barrel Wine Cabinets are:
    Width: 75cm (At Widest Point)
    Height: 88cm - 91cm(Depending on the Barrel)

    The total measurements for the Iron Wine Barrels are:
    Length: 60cm
    Width: 76cm
    Height: 116cm

    We have a fantastic range of Cork Barrels and Motorised Wine Barrels for the height of fanciness. For more Wine Rack inspiration, check out our Premium Collection or Bespoke Collection of Wine Racks.

    To order your Authentic Wine Barrel Wine Rack, click hereClick here for our Iron Wine Barrel range.

    You can contact Wine Stash here.

Same Day Dispatch

All in stock orders received befire 10am are dispatched same day with Australia Post! Feel free to reach out to a member of the Wine Stash team if you would like an estimated delivery date for your order.

100% Carbon Neutral

Everything from Manufacturing to Production to Final Delivery does not produce any CO2 emissions. Wine Stash is dedicated to improving the environment and creating a better planet for future generations.

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